Celebration of Success

October 8, 2014




Today we had a special guest at our Tionól! Eoghan McDermott, from the programme 'The Voice', came to help us celebrate two fantastic awards that we received recently - the Digital School of Distinction and Primary Science and Maths Award.


It was a busy morning, we took the opportunity to launch our new website and Ranganna 3 - 6 recited a funny poem about technology called 'My Mouse is Misbehaving'! We also took part in two of our favourite Science experiments.  

For our first experiment, some children placed inflated balloons on the floor, trying their best to keep them together. Tricky job!  A table was placed gently upside down on the balloons. Then Eoghan, along with some science helpers, took turns to stand on top of the table.  Eoghan wouldn't go first, as he was afraid that the balloons would burst!  Lorraine from Rang a Dó, followed by Ms. Gleeson, showed him how it could be done...

For our second experiment, the balloons were collected and some of the younger children rubbed a balloon against their hair to see what would happen. The power that makes the hair stand up is called ‘static electricity'... mind you Eoghan's hair didn't need much help to stand up!! 


Thanks also to Ms. Gleeson for her dedication to Science in Holy Cross over the past five years and to Ms. Jennings who is passionate about developing our use of technology in our school. 


At the end of the celebration we got some treats for all the hard work that we did for the awards -  Jelly Tots and more importantly, no homework!!!   We really enjoyed our special Tionól!

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