Science Fair in Notre Dame

November 14, 2015

 On the 11th of November, Rang a Sé attended a science fair in Notre Dame secondary school in Dundrum. We had great fun and learned lots of scientific facts through examining lots of fun experiments displayed by Notre Dame students.


One stall showed how running water causes erosion. You filled a water gun with water and then sprayed it at a mound of sand. The sand slid onto the floor when hit by the water. This is called erosion. The sea or rivers wear away at land causing it to erode.


There was a stall with a very interesting experiment about NON-NEWTONIAN liquids. This is a liquid that changes how it acts based on what pressure is applied to it. When you punched the liquid it was solid but when you ran your fingers through it, it was like liquid - weird!



There was an experiment where we got to examine a sheeps heart. The girls at this stand explained how the muscle worked and how similiar it was to our own heart.





There were loads of other experiments to examine in the science fair. We learned how sensitive our tastebuds are, how to build a parachute, what happens when there is an earthquake and many many more interesting facts. we had a great time.






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