Amazing Art in Rang a Trí

February 1, 2017

Art is definitely one of our favourite subjects in our class. Have a look at some of our wonderful creations!


We took photographs of what we look like when we are daydreaming and then we drew all the things we like to daydream about. 






















We talked about feelings in SPHE. We had great fun drawing emojis to show how school makes us feel.



We practised sketching pumpkins in our copies before creating our "Night time Pumpkin Patches". We used chalk pastels. We learned how to use white chalk for highlighting and black chalk for shading and creating shadows. 










We looked at the work of the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. He uses vibrant, bold and colourful patterns to reflect his optimistic view of the world around him. Have a look at our Britto inspired pumpkins.















Hallowe'en art is always great fun. We enjoyed drawing these haunted houses. We like our spooky use of colour!

















We made symmetrical prints of insects. We folded an A2 page in half. We used a paintbrush to paint one half of the insect. We then folded the page again and voila, the other half of the insect was created.






















We created prints using stencils and pounces. To make a pounce all you need is some old socks (preferably washed and not smelly ones!). Stuff some old socks into one large sock and your pounce is ready. We used paper and scissors to cut out shape stencils. We used the pounce around the edge of the stencil to create a negative print. We put the printing ink on the stencil to make positive prints.








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